PACOM Week in Review Ending 27 December 2009


Hot Topics

CN: China Signals No Clemency For British Drugs Mule 12/24/09

ID: Rekindling rebellion in Indonesia 12/25/09

KP: Murky, global trail of NKorea weapons smugglers illuminated after Thai bust 12/25/09

KS: Improvement in condition in Jammu-Kashmir, north east States: Govt. 12/24/09

NP: Kathmandu on the boil again 12/24/09

PH: Guns to fall silent as govt, CPP declare truce 12/23/09

PH: Philippines Destroys $13.7 Million Worth Of Illegal Drugs 12/24/09

PH: Spewing Philippine Volcano Forces Mass Evacuation 12/23/09

PH: Suspected militants release hostage in the Philippines 12/25/09

TH: Thailand has ‘stabilised and prospered' 12/23/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Rebel base shifting to Myanmar, says BSF 12/23/09

KS: 42 injured as police break up religious processions in Indian Kashmir 12/26/09

KS: Seven wounded in Kashmir blast 12/25/09

PH: Suspected rebels torch classrooms in Quezon 12/26/09

TH: Three killed in Thai troubled south 12/23/09

Special Operations

BD: Bangladeshi to lead UN peacekeepers in Ivory Coast 12/25/09

BD: Eight tribal separatists arrested in Tripura 12/26/09

Security Forces

BD: Forces in joint drive against HNLC 12/24/09

IN: India's President Discusses Committment To Modernizing The Navy 12/23/09

IN: Nine militants killed in India's Manipur state 12/24/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Rangers strongly reject Indian allegations of violating ceasefire 12/23/09

AA: Thailand and Malaysia Move to Mend Fences 12/26/09

AA: UAE, South Korea To Strengthen Economic Relations 12/26/09

KR: Alliance Evolves, Challenges Linger 12/24/09

LK: Minister defends Sri Lankan forces from HR violations 12/26/09

TH: Korn warns of conflict ahead 12/24/09


CN: China to execute five more for Xinjiang unrest 12/23/09

CN: Crime Grows Rampant in China 12/24/09

CN: Mafia boss executed in southwest China: state media 12/23/09

ID: Naked Japanese woman found dead on Bali: police 11/26/09

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