SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 1 Dec 09


Hot Topics

AA: Calderon: Drugs Can't Be Eliminated but Crime Can 11/27/09

AA: Ibero-American countries form cross-border crime fighting alliance 11/26/09

BR: Jobs, economics complicate Brazil's Amazon fight 11/26/09

BR: Iranian Leader's Visit to Brazil Takes the Gloss off Lula's International Image 11/29/09

CO: Colombian Warlord Shows Up at Hearing with $100K for Victims 12/01/09

CO: Colombia's FARC Rebel Leaders Clashing Over Money, Santos Says 11/30/09

CU: Cuba arrests son of late revolutionary leader 11/29/09

HT: Two-faced Democracy in Haiti 11/26/09

UY: Ex-guerrilla easily wins Uruguay presidency 11/30/09

UY: Uruguay May Elect Former Guerrilla Mujica on Vow to Aid Schools 11/26/09

VE: The Bolivarian Revolution and peace 11/27/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Border Area Violence & Security Problems in the Americas 11/30/09

BO: Bolivian Reporters Pursued, Shot at by Police 11/28/09

CL: Policeman Dies In More Mapuche Violence In Southern Chile 11/30/09

VE: Venezuela May Destroy Six Bridges on Colombian Border 11/26/09

Special Operations

CO: Police Trained by US to Protect Colombian Candidates 11/26/09

CU: Cuba launches largest military exercise in five years 11/26/09

Security Forces

AA: Op Balkan Warrior to be continued 11/27/09

BO: A navy for a landlocked country 11/26/09

CO: Seven rebels killed in bombing raid in Colombia 11/28/09

CU: Raul Castro praises Cuban army as well prepared 11/28/09

DO: Top general says 2 Brazil intercept planes arrive December 8 11/26/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: United States and Guatemala sign Merida Initiative Agreement 11/26/09

AA: Chavez skips Manaus; hosts Ahmadinejad and Abbas instead 11/28/09

AA: Unasur meeting tackles Colombian-Venezuela spat 11/28/09

HN: Hondurans fearful ahead of disputed polls 11/27/09

HN: Honduras elects Porfirio Lobo as new president 11/29/09


BO: Drug lords finding safe haven in Bolivia 11/26/09

BR: Man with cocaine capsules in stomach dies at Brazil airport 11/26/09

CO: Colombia jails death squad general over massacre 11/26/09

GT: Guatemala mob kills, burns 3 suspected criminals 11/27/09

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