Worth a Look: First Ever UN Joint Military Analysis Centre Course (October 2009)

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Course Information
Course Information

First UN Joint Mission Analyses Centre Course (UNJMAC) ever held

The last seven days of October have been groundbreaking and interesting at Nodefic. A new course has been born and introduced to life.

Text: Maj Erik Haugstad
Tasked by the UN, and in close cooperation with other NORDCAPS countries, a pilot course for personnel going to serve in JMACs around the world has been conducted at Nodefic. Being a pilot course for the UN, this is of course the first time ever a course like this has been held in the world.

Knowing as much as possible about the area and environment, in which we are participating in a peace support operation, is of vital importance for the contribution of the International Society to succeed. This has been common knowledge throughout times. A slight rewrite of Sun Tzu’s “Know your enemy”, will lead us to the very same conclusion. For a long time, also reflected in the philosophy of integrated missions, the UN has recognized that the need for coordination and sharing of information is essential for operational efficiency and mission accomplishment. In the UN Missions we have for some time seen the gradual introduction and testing of the JMAC, Joint Mission Analyses Centre, concept.

UN JMAC postponed

Our UN JMAC Course, scheduled for November 3 to 14, has been postponed as requested by UN DPKO.

The course will instead be conducted from 9-20 March 2009 at our peacekeeping training centre in Oslo.
We will come back with invites and more information in due time.

Phi Beta Iota: A Multinational Information Sharing Course, also under UN auspices, is offered in Sweden by the Folke Bernadette Academy, as developed by Col Jan-Inge Svensson, Land Forces (Ret), one of the UN intelligence pioneers, see Who’s Who in Peace Intelligence: Jan-Inge Svensson and also  Books: Intelligence for Peace (PKI Book Two) Finalizing.

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