AFRICOM Week in Review Ending 12 January 2010


NOTE:  This offering ends 9 Feb 10 unless we can find a volunteer to do once a week.

YEMEN is addressed in CENTCOM Week in Review

Hot Topics

AA: Violence in Angola Puts South Africa on the Defensive 01/11/10

AA: Drug Titans and Coups 01/11/10

AA: Somalis fleeing to Yemen prompt new worries in fight against al-Qaeda 01/12/10

AA: Violence, fear and confusion: welcome to the Horn of Africa 01/09/10

AA: Western Sahara Separatist Splinter Group Challenges Algeria Backed Polisario 01/07/10

CD: Democratic Republic of the Congo: ICRC facilitates release of six armed forces … 01/07/10

DZ: Algeria says tightened US flight checks unfair 01/11/10

KE: Radical muslim cleric back in Kenya 01/10/10

LR: LIBERIA: Education and the Poverty Reduction Strategy 01/07/10

NG: Bomb plot forces new look at Lagos airport security 01/08/10

RW: Rwanda: Habyarimana Killed By His Own Forces 01/12/10

SD: The axis of instability in Sudan: oil wealth 01/10/10

ZW: Zimbabwe Government Halts Diamond Auction 01/08/10

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: US warns of ‘potential threat' to Uganda-Sudan flights 01/09/10

DZ: Clashes mar Algeria strike 01/08/10

ER: Opposition Group Promises Attacks Following Sanctions on Eritrea for Support … 01/07/10

NG: Nigeria Militants Threaten Retaliation Against Army After Deaths 01/11/10

SD: Chadian Rebels Attack, Rape Darfuris – Residents 01/11/10

SD: Scores Killed in South Sudan Raid 01/08/10

SO: Rival Somali Islamic Militias Clash in Power Struggle 01/11/10

SO: Somali Government Forces, Islamist Insurgents Clash; 17 Killed 01/07/10

Special Operations

SD: Sudan: UN sends long range patrol to scene of deadly ethnic clash in south 01/08/10

Security Forces

CD: Congo Rebel Hunt to Ensure Civilians Are Protected 01/07/10

DZ: Algeria Introduces New Military Strategy to Combat Terrorism in the Sahara 01/07/10

DZ: Algerian security forces kill 10 militants: report 01/10/10

NG: Nigeria: Country to Modernise Armed Forces, Says Jonathan 01/11/10

SO: Somalia: Ahlu Sunna Forces Recapture East of Beledweyn Town Once Again 01/11/10

SO: Somaliland forces say attack on mosque foiled 01/09/10

SO: Somaliland forces help free Yemeni-flagged ship 01/10/10

UG: Ugandan Army outlines OLT achievements on LRA rebels in 2009 01/10/10

ZA: New firearm amnesty to curb crime 01/11/10

Foreign Affairs

AA: Rwanda, DR.Congo relations must improve: French FM 01/08/10

ET: Ethiopia – Forum members negotiate candidates to be filed in 01/12/10

GN: Guinean opposition lays down its own terms for talks 01/08/10

LR: Liberia: President Sirleaf Appeals for Unity as National Legislature Resumes … 01/11/10

NG: Nigeria: Terrorism – Country May Cut Ties With US – Akunyili 01/07/10

SN: Gambia: Senegal To Handover Gambian Criminals In Dakar … 01/09/10

ZA: S.Africa remains committed to Zimbabwe, Africa 01/11/10


CD: Congolese Women and Girls Suffering the Insufferable 01/10/10

MA: Morocco sentences 14 Islamists to prison: report 01/08/10

MW: Genocide fugitive is arrested 01/10/10

NG: 11 children await trial over sect violence in Nigeria 01/12/10

NG: Nigeria: Crises Claim 40 in Bauchi, Cross River – Police 01/07/10

SN: Senegal rebels kill ex-soldier 01/08/10

SO: Guns, drugs and terror: Somali pirates morph into poly-criminals 01/10/10

ZW: Zimbabwe: Unite Against Crime – SA Police Chief 01/07/10

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