AFRICOM Week in Review Ending 19 January 2010


NOTE:  This offering ends 9 Feb 10 unless we can find a volunteer to do once a week.

Hot Topics

AA: Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb 01/15/10

CD: US and France provide 3.5 million euros for DR Congo refugees 01/15/10

CF: CAR rebels, opposition pull out of poll plans 01/17/10

DZ: China's Africa footprint: a makeover for Algeria 01/18/10

KE: KENYA: Tackling the crisis of urban poverty 01/19/10

SD: World must move quickly and stop Sudan from sliding back into abyss 01/14/10

SO: How Financiers of Terrorist Attacks Against Somaliland Enjoy Western Lifestyle 01/16/10

ZA: Bus attack highlights security concerns in SAfrica 01/14/10

Below the Fold:  Instability, Special Operation, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AO: The battle for Angola's oil 01/15/10

KE: Kenya: Large Riot Happens, Two Demonstrators Killed in Nairobi 01/15/10

NG: 26 dead after Nigeria clashes: imam 01/18/10

SO: A radical Somali Islamist group fighting to overthrow the government in … 01/17/10

SO: Somalia: Blast occurs in central town 01/17/10

SO: 11 civilians killed in battles in Mogadishu 01/19/10

Special Operations

TD: Chad appeals for extended peacekeeping mission 01/19/10

Security Forces

CD: New peacekeeping strategy for Congo 01/14/10

NG: Nigeria: Police, Local Security Fight Crime in Onitsha Park 01/18/10

RW: Rwanda: RDF to Demobilize Over 2000 Soldiers 01/14/10

SD: Darfur rebels report air, artillery attacks by Sudan forces 01/16/10

SO: Security forces raid Somali dominated suburb 01/18/10

SO: Somalia Prepares For Assault On Al- Shabaab 01/17/10

TD: Chad bombs rebels near Sudan border: UFR 01/16/10

Foreign Affairs

AA: Zimbabwe: Mugabe, Tsvangirai Under Pressure – SADC Abandons ‘Quiet Diplomacy' 01/15/10

CD: DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi to hold meeting of chiefs of general staff 01/17/10

ER: Eritrea disappointed with Sudan over its silence on arms embargo 1/15/10

KE: Somalia: British Minister Meets Somali President in Kenya 01/14/10

LR: Liberia: UN Chief Fears for Salone, Liberia 01/15/10

SD: Sudan's al-Bashir retires from army position to run for elections 01/17/10


AA: Exclusive: Al Qaeda linked to rogue air network: US official 01/14/10

AO: Angola arrests a third rights activist in Cabinda 01/17/10

SO: Pirate Attacks Off Somalia Nearly Double 01/14/10

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