CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 2 January 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Afghan War Could Spill Over Into Central Asia 12/31/09

AA: Kazakhstan: Kyrgyz secret services are involved in the murder of Gennadyi Pavlyuk 12/30/09

AF: Afghan civilians killed in air raid 12/31/09

EG: Egyptian minister slams Al-Jazeera for ‘instigating civil war' 01/02/10

IQ: Iraq says more ‘superfields' up for grabs 12/31/09

IR: Exiled shah's son urges protest against Iran 12/31/09

IR: Regime Change in Iran 12/31/09

LB: Hassan Nasrallah made four mistakes 12/30/09

LB: Lebanon fears Qaeda has UNIFIL forces in sights 12/30/09

YE: Former Gitmo detainee killed in Yemen while plotting attack on British embassy 12/30/09

YE: Increased US military involvement in Yemen could boomerang 12/31/09

YE: Yemen's deteriorating security, economy could fuel terrorism 01/02/10

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AA: Somali Rebels Vow to Send Forces to Yemen 01/01/10

AF: Four Canadian soldiers, journalist killed in insurgent bomb blast in Kandahar 12/31/09

AF: Taliban claim blast killing Americans at CIA base 12/31/09

IQ: Bomb blasts outside government building kill at least 24 in Iraqi city of … 12/30/09

IR: IRAN: Video shows gunman opening fire on demonstrators, who fight back 01/02/10

PK: Pakistan ambush on NATO supply vehicles ‘kills 2' 12/31/09

PK: Pakistan asks coalition not to leave Afghanistan in haste 12/31/09

PK: Pakistan suicide bombing toll nears 100 01/02/10

PK: Pakistan Taliban says carried out Karachi bombing 12/30/09

Security Forces

AF: Forces Capture Taliban Commanders in Afghanistan 12/29/09

AF: US troop deaths soared in Afghanistan in 2009 12/31/09

EG: Egypt blows up three tunnels on Gaza borders 12/29/09

EG: Egypt clinches new F-16s deal 12/31/09

YE: Gun battle erupts as Yemeni forces raid Al Qaeda hideout 12/31/09

YE: Military Aid to Yemen Increased to Fight Al-Qaeda 12/30/09

YE: Yemen, Saudi Arabia Fight Shi'ite Rebels in Northern Yemen 12/31/09

YE: Yemeni forces clash with Shi'ite rebels, kill 11 01/01/10

YE: Yemeni forces clash with Shi'ite rebels, kill 11 01/01/10

Foreign Affairs

AA: Brown calls summit on Yemen terrorism 01/02/10

AA: Iraq should pay war reparations to Iran from joint oil field profits 01/01/10

PS: Abbas may review security ties after Israeli raid 01/01/10

QA: The Doha merry-go-round 12/31/09

SA: Saudi Arabia criticizes Israel settlement building 01/02/10

YE: Don't lose perspective on Yemen 01/02/10


IR: Iran opposition leaders face threat of prosecution 12/31/09

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