EUCOM Week in Review Ending 22 January 2010


NOTE:  This offering ends 9 Feb 10 unless we can find a volunteer to do once a week.

Hot Topics

AA: Collective security forces unlikely to intervene in event of war in Karabakh 01/21/10

AM: Azerbaijani hostage on Armenian television 01/18/10

BA: BALKANS: The Year Bosnia Breaks 01/21/10

GR: Greek Think Tank Urges Government To Speed Up Economic Reforms 01/21/10

IL: Israel constrains foreign nationals in the occupied territories 01/20/10

IL: How much does Israel’s aid mission to Haiti cost the state? 01/21/10

IL: Israeli Anti-Terror Expert: America’s Challenges And Successes 01/20/10

RU: Ex-Norilsk Chief Faces Terrorists in New Kremlin Job 01/20/10

RU: Moscow cool over Polish missile move 01/21/10

RU: Russian Troops Keep Georgian Students From Crossing Border 01/21/10UA: Pro-Russia candidate ahead after first round of Ukraine voting 01/17/10

UA: Ukrainians Fear Fraudulent Presidential Vote 01/17/10

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AM: Armenia continues violating ceasefire 01/22/10

Special Operations

IL: 30 countries joined Israel in mass bio-terror drill 01/19/10

UA: Ukraine to participate in NATO rapid response forces 01/20/10

Security Forces

BG: Bulgarian Army to Fight Mafia 01/20/10

BG: Bulgaria’s law enforcement bodies pledge to bring crime down in 2010 01/18/10

FI: Finnish Defence Industry – Small but Agile and Competent 01/19/10

IL: Israel police break illegal immigrant exploitation ring 01/21/10

IL: Israeli Police Arrest Settlers Linked to Mosque Attack 01/18/10

KV: US Commander: Deterrent Presence Brings Adjustments to Kosovo Forces 01/21/10

RS: Interior ministry’s priority in 2010 fight against crime, corruption 01/19/10

RU: Military update a formidable task for Russia 01/21/10

RU: Russian military command-and-control to go fully mobile by 2012 01/18/10

RU: The Latest Reshuffle in the Russian Military 01/19/10

TR: Military downplays Turkish coup plan 01/21/10

TR: Turkish police arrest 13 suspected al-Qaeda members in raid 01/20/10

Foreign Affairs

AA: NATO military chief courts Russia’s help 01/20/10

AA: Europe Worries over Ukrainian Politics 01/18/10

AA: Hurriyet: Zero problems with neighbors failed as Turkey is in worse condition 01/21/10

AA: Sabre-rattling between Crotia and Sebia over Bosnia intensifies 01/20/10

AZ: Azerbaijani ambassador: Russian FM has not yet responded to Azerbaijan’s note 01/19/10

BG: Bulgaria names new foreign minister 01/21/10

TR: Turkey Hosts Regional Summit on Afghanistan 01/21/10

TR: Turkey says Israel an ally while interests align 01/17/10


AA: Toward Cyber Arms Control with Russia 01/19/10

AM: Armenian Opposition Leader Sentenced To 7 Years 01/19/10

BG: Bulgarian Police Smash Pedophile Ring Following MP’s Tipoff 01/20/10

IL: Fatah men charged with attempted murder of Israel cops, soldiers 01/21/10

IL: Reputed Israeli crime kingpin indicted 01/19/10

ME: Science and Technology: Montenegro targets cyber crime 01/18/10

RS: Eight-member criminal group detained in Serbia 01/21/10

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