Journal: Chinese Military Bases in Pakistan, Elsewhere

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China to Open Military Bases Worldwide. There’s a New Kid in Town.

By: Pluto Saturday January 30, 2010 1:10 am

How China Sees World--One View

This we know.

It has been speculated upon in open-source intelligence circles for years. So, there is little surprise for the rest of the world when it hears of China’s first major foray in its new role as a Superpower.

Americans might be surprised. That is, if they even hear about it before the Juarez, Mexico base goes live.

China mulls setting up military base in Pakistan

BEIJING: China has signaled it wants to go the US way and set up military bases in overseas locations that would possibly include Pakistan. The obvious purpose would be to exert pressure on India as well as counter US influence in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Well, why not?

Phi Beta Iota: Highly recommended for a full reading.  The triangle of the USA, India, and Israel is morphing into the “death run” of Cold War governance and spending, and bodes ill for all three parties.  The Chinese do not actually see the world as the cartoon depicts, here is a more accurate rendition, and it is most interesting to see the world from this perspective.  China is not stupid–they understand the costs of overt military bases–they are probably ramping up their long-haul airlift, something the U.S. Air Force has refused to do for decades, and we would not be at all surprised if they have submarine troop transports as well as coherent plans for mobilizing the Chinese diaspora in self-defense forces with robust communications impervious to local outages.

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