Journal: Haiti Earthquake CAB 21 Sequence of Events

Peace Intelligence

00:00  Earthquake7.2 Magnitude  Occurs–All Communications are DOWN

00:45  Multinational Decision Support Center (MDSC) activates response cell

00:60  Trinidad & Tobago Strip Alert Air Recon Takes Off

01:30  Preliminary wide area view reaches MDSC and SOUTHCOM

02:00  SOUTHCOM Strip Alert Civil Affairs Brigade (CAB) 21 Peace Jumper Flight Takes Off

02:30  SOUTHCOM Strip Alert CAB 21 6-Hour Response Big Bird Takes Off

04:00  CAB 21 Peace Jumpers Parachute into 4 separate locations

04:30  CAB 21 Peace Jumpers provide four separate GPS LZs for GPS-Para Drops

05:00  CAB 21 “Peace from Above” Bulk water, blankets, canned rations begin to drop

05:30  CAB 21 Re-Supply Masters & Emergency Medical Teams parachute in

06:00  Preliminary Multinational Needs List Generated from four different locations

06:30  MDSC begins coordinating multinational lift link-ups with US GPS Para Units

07:00  USN finishes breakfast and starts a hospital ship (creates 75,000 gallons of fresh water from sea water per day) and an amphibious ship toward the scene…still thinking about whether Peace from the Sea has enough promotion slots.

and so on…..perhaps one day we'll be this good.

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