Journal: Israel, False-Flags, Dual-Citizens, & Smiles


Phi Beta Iota: We have been increasingly concerned by the penetration of US Government agencies by a two-pronged Israeli assualt, mixing dual-citizens in positions of either influence  or observation potential, and Israeli-provided and supported software that vacuum-cleans from within.  To this ugly mix the Israeli's add false-flag operations–we believe 9-11 included both an Israeli false-flag operation and the active advance support of Dick Cheney, Rudy Guliani, and Larry Silverstean, as well as members of the Bush family who profited handsomely from the murder of 3,000.

The USS Cole is now suspected of being an Israeli false-flag operation.  Coming as it does after the USS Liberty, a blatant direct attack by Israel on a US Navy ship engaged in non-combtant audio surveillance duties, there are ample grounds for our speculation on Israel's subversion, espionage, and dual-citizen treason against the United States of America–and our certainty that there is sufficient evidence for an indictment of all concerned–we defer to a proper investigation of these matters, merely observing that U.S. Government “counterintelligence” does not exist and and “relgiious counterintelligence” is not even contemplated.

In our view, the religious affiliation of an indivdidual must be included in any evaluation of their suitability for positions of trust and confidence, so as to inform the direction of the security investigation or counter-intelligence follow-on.  Opus Dei and the Mormons have their own networks, generally much less active.  Neo-Nazis and gangs have their networks, to which we were oblivious until recently.  The worst, the most pernicious, the most demanding of the highest standards of security and precaution, are the Israelis and their Jewish sayonim, a term brilliantly articulated in Review: Robert Maxwell, Israel’s Superspy–The Life and Murder of a Media Mogul.

Of cocnern to us, and grounds for his suspension as a Contributing Editor of Phi Beta Iota, is new evidence of Dr. Webster Tarpley‘s possible role as an Isareli covert asset, an agent of influence whose primary role is to shift attention away from the Israeli's toward the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  As much as we hold CIA to account for its many and continuing mistakes, the evidence is now sufficient to conclude that CIA has–as is often the case in Latin America–been played for a fool by Israel.  [Its Director, Leon Panetta, is a Catholic, and Opus Dei as well as the Mormons have a very good grip on the clandestine service, as they do in the FBI, but that grip is focused on information for value, not murder for profit].

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