Journal: Michael Scheuer Slams Brennan, Tenet, Berger on CNN


Michael F. Scheuer former chief of the Al Qaeda analytic station, just slammed John Brennan, George Tenet, and Sandy Berger on CNN (12:50 Eastern time).  He stated that among those who died in Afghanistan recently was the officer who devised a workable plan for eliminating Osama Bin Laden, a plan that was cancelled by Brennan, Tenet, and Burger, all saying we should leave the problem to Saudi Arabia.

Their reluctance is consistent with decades of policy forbidding unilateral clandestine operations within the territories of the despotic regimes that are consider our “best pals” in “higher ends” that favor the state over the people.

Brennan is best known for his mis-handling of the massive watchlist that still does not work; Tenet is best known for “slam dunk” fraud in support of Dick Cheney, and for declaring war on Bin Laden in a whisper; Berger is best known for leaving the Kurds hanging, a story told by Robert Baur in one of his books, and for stealing documents from the national archives.  He has not produced a book of note.

From where we sit, the honest case officers and analysts are finally being heard, and the “politicals” are finally being held accountable, even if only in isolated public denouncements, for their decades of dishonest intelligence management, dishonest mismanagement that continues today.

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