Journal: MILNET Headlines

Peace Intelligence

Interview With Admiral Mullen by Fareed Zakaria, CNN   Transcript and YouTube

Interview with General Patraeus by Christine Amanpour, CNN  Story

There's ‘Work To Be Done,' 9/11 Commission Chairs Say (Lee Hamilton, Thomas Kean)

The war of new words: Why military history trumps buzzwords (Willam F. Own)

Let's Take Bureaucracy Out Of Intelligence (John Bolton)

Beating the Dead Terrorist Horse (Victor Davis Hanson)

Phi Beta Iota: The limited perspectives of the well-intentioned is stunning.  These people–military commanders as well as the politicians and the pundits, are all operating in an analytic vacuum created by CIA and DIA not having a strategic analytic model and not being connected to reality.  REALITY is means, ways, and ends; REALITY is ten threats in priority order, eight of which are vastly more important than terrorism;  REALITY is the US policy and behavior continuing to support despots over people, a certain death wish in what Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew calls the age of demography.  REALITY also demands a measured elimination of decades of non-performing “build-up,” layers upon layers of expensive fraud, waste, and abuse, across the intelligence and national security enterprises.

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