Journal: MILNET Selected Headlines–Out of Our Minds

Right Questions Wrong Answers

What’s The Next U.S. Terror Threat?Top officials see varied challenges in coming decade

Phi Beta Iota Problem 1: These folks mean well but they are totally disconnected from  reality.

Phi Beta Iota Problem 2: They have no idea that the decisions made by government on the basis of their severely flawed and limited perspective costs the public and commerce vastly more than any act of terrorism including a radiological one.  The cummulative effect of ignorance in government is easily a thousand times more harmful, every day.

Phi Beta Iota:  The greatest threat to America is an ignorant partisan government out of touch with both its own public and with reality.

Ship Sinks, Anchor Useless

New Doubts About Afghanistan: The Generals’ New Afghan Message–Talks with the Taliban. Pakistanis in the driver’s seat. And no drawdown by July 2011. Leslie H. Gelb on the stunning new statements by McChrystal, Petraeus, and Gates, and what they mean for the future course of the war in Afghanistan.

See also:   Strategy? What Strategy? and  U.S. Envoy’s Cables Show Concerns on Afghan War Plans

Phi Beta Iota: Good people trapped in a bad system, they have all made two fundamental mistakes:  first, confusing loyalty with integrity–being loyal to uninformed partisan decisions robs the Republic of its inherent integrity; second, a logical consequence of the first, confusing military discipline with national effectiveness.  We lack a strategy, the rest of the government is so broken as to be ready for receivership and dissolution, and we are completely out of touch with what all the other countries really think, know, and can offer in the way of concerted effort for the right strategy.  Supporting dictators and thieves with partisan decisions is a certain prescription for destroying the Republic.  In an era of open public consciousness, “rule by secrecy” is no longer rule, no longer secret, and no longer sustainable.  Righteous integrity and leveraging all human minds connected to all information in all languages is the ONLY righteous and sustainable strategy.

Oil One Last Time

The World’s Biggest Oil Reserves

Phi Beta Iota: This is a striking story at multiple levels, including no mention of Brazil or any suggestion of weaning ourselves from oil toward natural gas and other alternative forms of energy.  This article serves to both justify–in an insane sort of way–our invasion of Iraq–while also calling into question why we did not invade Saudi Arabia at the same time.  From where we sit, dispossessing the debauched Saudi “royal” family and making peace with the people of Saudi Arabia might be a stragegic coup de main, especially if accompanied with the overturn of the Treaty of Westphalia and recognition of traditional tribal territories undone by the Web of Deceit and the Peace to End All Peace.

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