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Garner Business Intelligence Summit
1-2 February 2010 UK

Multi Intelligence Summit 2010
8-10 February 2010 Washington DC

EUCOM Intelligence Summit
15-17 Feburary 2010 Heidelberg, Germany

Non-Traditional Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Summit (NTISR)
22-24 March 2010 Washington DC

Phi Beta Iota: We’re not oblivious to this stuff, it’s just not worth listing.  This is a conference money-making scheme, a contractor sales event,  and an ego trip for the run of the mill speakers with nothing original to offer in the way of actually improving intelligence support to policy, acquisition, and operations ( heaven help us if we ever started to think about Whole of Government and Multinational Engagement unclassified decision-support).  Thanks for the search–we do not list these in the Events calendar because they have nothing to do with public intelligence and are largely a waste of the taxpayer dollar.  The business intelligence conferences are equally pedestrian, we stopped going to them because they are a constant rehash of old stuff sold to new aspirants.  Until we get a grip on the totality of the intelligence spectrum of possibilities (i.e. the eight tribes collaborating to eradicate the ten high-level threats by harmonizing intelligence-driven policies and helping the eight demographic challengers avoid our mistakes) all of these conferences are a waste of time and money.

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