SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 20 January 2010


NOTE:  This offering ends 9 Feb 10 unless we can find a volunteer to do once a week.

Hot Topics

AA: Cuba, China, Venezuela send immediate assistance 01/20/10

AA: Oscar Heck: The Colombian government is NOT avoiding an armed conflict… 01/17/10

AA: UN report paints grim picture of conditions of world's indigenous peoples 01/21/10

AA: US waves white flag in disastrous ‘war on drugs' 01/16/10

AA: Venezuela donates 1 million gallons of fuel to Haiti via Dominican route 01/19/10

BR: Brazil promises to find killers of journalist and compensates family 01/19/10

BR: Why Can't Brazilian Generals Admit Their Guilt in Human Rights Violations? 01/16/10

CL: Chileans Seek Change: Interview with the Pres. of the Communist Party of Chile … 01/16/10

CL: What Happened in Chile? 01/21/10

CO: Venezuelans Expelled from Colombia for Intelligence Gathering 01/19/10

PE: Transport Strikes Continue To Affect Parts Of Peru 01/19/10

SV: El Salvador issues official apology for civil war abuses 01/16/10

VE: Chavez escalates claims that US using relief effort to invade Haiti 01/20/10

VE: Thinking: If it weren't for Cuban intelligence, Chavez would not be in office … 01/17/10

VE: Venezuela: Go Hugo, Go! 01/19/10

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


CO: Colombian Guerrilla Leader Orders Fighters to Retake Corridors 01/19/10

CO: Colombian Guerrillas to Renew Attacks Before Election 01/19/10

HT: Haiti: The View From Here 01/20/10

Special Operations

HT: UN reinforcements sent in to Haiti to crack down on looters 01/19/10

Security Forces

BO: Bolivia plans to buy ten Mi-17 helicopters from Russia. 01/17/10

BO: Bolivia will purchase six China's fighter jets 01/18/10

CO: Seven Rebels Surrender to Army in Northeast Colombia 01/21/10

EC: Ecuadorian Troops Kill 3 Colombian Rebels in Border Clash 01/21/10

GT: Guatemalan Police Kill Drug Trafficker in Shootout 01/19/10

SV: Police Arrest 2 in El Salvador Grenade Attack 01/18/10

VE: Hugo Chavez tries to show he's serious about drugs 01/21/10

Foreign Affairs

AA: Obama Authorizes Covert Economic War Against Venezuela 01/19/10

AR: Argentina Opposition Asks President To Recall Congress 01/19/10

BR: Lula Tells Obama Haiti's UN Mission Led by Brazil Can't Take Care of Everything 01/18/10

CL: President-Elect Pinera Has Room To Improve Chile Debt Rating 01/19/10

EC: Ecuador's Correa Starts Year Facing Widespread Protests 01/20/10

GT: Guatemalan President Calls For Unity 01/16/10

HT: Haiti and the Caricom reply 01/18/10

PY: Paraguay thanks Colombia for help in the release of a kidnapped rancher 01/19/10

VE: Chavez foes call voting district changes unfair 01/20/10


AA: Mexico's drug war leaves a generation of narco widows 01/20/10

BR: In Stretch to the Olympics Rio Becomes Lab for Genocide and Social Control 01/20/10

GT: Five Slain at Wake in Guatemala 01/19/10

SV: El Salvador Grenade Blast Wounds at Least 20 01/16/10

SV: Escalating Violence Against Anti-Mining Activists in Chiapas and El Salvador 01/19/10

VE: Venezuela to extradite drug boss to US 01/17/10

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