SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 28 Jan 10


NOTE:  This offering ends 9 Feb 10 unless we can find a volunteer to do once a week.

Hot Topics

AA: How Hugo Chavez's revolution crumbled 01/24/10

AA: Time to Stop Ignoring Chávez 01/25/10

AR: Argentina's Redrado Denies Threat To Reveal Dollar Lists-Lawyer 01/26/10

BO: Violence and democracy in Bolivia 01/26/10

BR: Brazil starts beefing up security for Olympics 01/26/10

HN: Honduras: Court Clears Military Officers of Charges 01/26/10


PE: Peru Rebel Chief Announces Suspension of Armed Attacks 01/28/10

PE: Peru: Police announce public demonstrations for Feb. 5 01/25/10

Below the Fold: Instability, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: COLOMBIA: Venezuelan Meltdown Has Consequences 01/27/10

VE: Second day of violent anti-Hugo Chávez protests rock Venezuelan capital 01/28/10

VE: Venezuelan helicopter violates Colombian airspace 01/28/10

VE: Venezuelans protest censorship of popular TV channel 01/25/10

VE: Violent Protests Against Media Social Responsibility Measures Shake Merida … 01/26/10

Security Forces

AA: Brazil Feels The Pain Of Peacekeeping in Haiti 01/26/10

BO: Bolivian president swears in military, police chiefs 01/24/10

EC: Ecuador Rules Out Joint Military Operations with Colombia 01/23/10

GT: Guatemalan police arrest ex-president wanted in US 01/26/10

PA: Three Suspected Colombian Rebels Die in Clash with Panama Police 01/28/10

Foreign Affairs

BO: Women make up half of the new Bolivian ministerial cabinet 01/24/10

BR: While Building an Ethanol Stockpile Brazil Considers Getting Product from US 01/25/10

CL: Chile: Right wing victory in Presidential elections 01/27/10

CO: Colombia Opposition Seeks United Front against 3rd Uribe Term 01/26/10

HT: Clinton Defends US Military Role In Haiti 01/25/10


BR: Brazil Extradites to Argentina Operation Condor Suspect 01/25/10

EC: New Study on Ecuador's Growing Role in Transnational Crime and the FARC 01/26/10

GT: Guatemala Busts Ring of Cops Tied to Mexican Gunmen 01/22/10

PY: Paraguayan Soccer Star Shot In Head, Crime Scene Photos Hit Twitter 01/25/10

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