Journal: Haiti Update 12 February 2010

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Haiti aid still lacking a month after quake (CBC)

Millions of people in Haiti still lack adequate food, shelter and security a month after the massive earthquake, problems sure to be exacerbated by the Caribbean country's looming rainy season.

Food has yet to reach all of the three million people who need it. Infrastructure problems and supply backlogs continue to hamper an international aid effort that has drawn about $113 million from Canada alone. Schools remain closed.

And on Thursday morning, in a taste of the new horrors the impending rainy season promises to bring, an early-morning downpour muddied the dirt in which 1.2 million people have pitched a makeshift camp.

We are being neglected': One month on from Haiti quake (BBC)

Video:  one quarter missing, 90% homeless, rains will come in May–superb video overview. Five hour wait for a small box of suppiies, only two boxes per person in entire time since earthquake. “Major UN agencies conspicuous by their absence.”

Rain soaks homeless Haitians, collapses shacks (Dallas News)

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – A predawn rain shower soaked tens of thousands of people Thursday, turning dirt to mud in their makeshift camps and giving an early warning of the misery that the impending rainy season could bring to this earthquake-ravaged country.

Rain collapsed cardboard shacks and soaked clothing and bedding at the Marassa 14 camp, where about 2,500 displaced people are living in a dry riverbed.

Most of the estimated 1.2 million people who the U.N. says are living in temporary camps across Haiti dwell in simple structures made of bed sheets and plastic sheeting. Officials warn that more permanent shelter must be in place before the rainy season begins within weeks.

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US repatriates 78 Haitians picked up at sea (Caribbean Net News)

MIAMI, USA (AFP) — A US Coast Guard cutter on Thursday took 78 Haitians picked up on an overloaded sailboat off the Bahamas back to their quake ravaged country, delivering them to Cap Haitien, officials said.

The repatriation signalled US determination to turn back Haitian boat people even though it is letting Haitians already illegally in the United States stay for the time being because of the January 12 quake.

Journal: Haiti Rolling Directory from 12 January 2010

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