Journal: Obama’s Atomic Blunder (Or Not)


By Harvey Wasserman

As Vermont seethes with radioactive contamination and the Democratic Party crumbles, Barack Obama has plunged into the atomic abyss.

In the face of fierce green opposition and withering scorn from both liberal and conservative budget hawks, Obama has done what George W. Bush could not—pledge billions of taxpayer dollars for a relapse of the 20th Century’s most expensive technological failure.

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Harvey Wasserman is Senior Advisor to Greenpeace USA and the Nuclear Information & Resource Service. His SOLARTOPIA! OUR GREEN-POWERED EARTH is at

Phi Beta Iota: We disagree with the outrage over the nuclear part of this.  What should be causing outrage is the fact that the Obama Administration is not just running on empty, the car is over the cliff and in freefall.  The ONLY chance President Obama has to restore his credibility and perhaps even earn a second term is to reconnect to reality–expel the partisan-pollster hacks from the White House (and the secret world lightweights), get intelligence leaders that actually know how to produce decision-support, and devise a strategy for addressing all ten threats by harmonizing not just US spending but all spending on the twelve core policies among which Education, Energy, Health, and Water stand-out as being in desperate need of coherent adult attention.

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