MILNET Headlines, 12 February 2010


Afghanistan: Forces Strain To Hire Afghans

Afghanistan: Negotiations Only Boost The Taliban

Corporate Mis-Behavior: Google seeks to quell Buzz privacy outcry

Cyber-Security:  China Alarmed by Security Threat From Internet

Cyber-Security:  Einstein 2: U.S. government's ‘enlightening' new cybersecurity weapon

Cyber-Security:  Israel adds Cyber-Attack to IDF

Iran: Iran's Birthday Bash

Technology:  Video: Laser Jets Blast Ballistic Missile

Threat-China: Underestimating China

Threat-Internal:  The Threat From Within

Threat-Iran: The Case For Striking Iran Grows

US Justice:  Tribunal And Error

US Policy:  Stopping Tehran: A Change We Could Believe In

US Strategy:  Obama Strategy Widens Assault on Terrorists

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