MILNET Headlines 17 February 2010


Air Sensor:  Army seeks to revive airships as sensor platforms

Cyber-Diplomacy: US officials, Web executives to visit Russia

Cyber-Security:  Congress urged to move one cybersecurity bill

Cyber-Security:  New IP task force brings “stronger and stricter enforcement”

Cyber-Security:  Simulation shows government lacks policies needed to respond

Cyber-Security:  Software developers are to blame for most cyberattacks,

Cyber-Security:  US Secret Service Network Intrusion Program

DHS: We’re ‘Monitoring’ Danger Room

Google Ubber Alles:  Google to run Yale e-mail

State Rights:  Texas to challenge US greenhouse gas rules

US Economy:  Drowning in Debt: What the Nation’s Budget Woes Mean for You

US Economy:  Lone voice warns of debt threat to Fed

US Government:  Public Input on Open Government Solicited

US Military:  The Military’s New Surge In Accountability

US Policy:  Did Ameirca or Pakistan Double Cross the Taliban CEO?

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