MILNET Headlines, 8 February 2010


American Commentary: America Rides off Into the Sunset

American Commentary: Mr. President, Words Matter

Big Dumb Government: Recession chugs on, except in government

Big Dumb Government: U.S. to Form Climate-Change Agency

Cyber-Security: Open Security Foundation – State of the Union 2010

Cyber-Security: Zeus Attack Spoofs NSA, Targets .gov and .mil

Foreign Affairs: China Growls At The Taiwan Arms Sale

Homeland Security: The Disarming Of America

Policy-Economic: Washington threatens to bypass Europe in battle for bank data

Policy-Intellectual Property: Authors Guild: ‘To RIAA or Not to RIAA’

Policy-Intellectual Property: In Secret, Nations Work Toward Crackdown on [Copyright] Piracy

Politics of Intelligence: Anti-terrorism chief rebukes politicians who use cases as talking points

Politics of Intelligence: The Intel Committees Need The Power Of The Purse

Threat-China: China’s Hawks Demand Cold War On The US

Threat-Terrorism: A Wounded But Dangerous Enemy

War in First-Person Poetry: A Well-Written War, Told In The First Person

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