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Reference: Civil Military Operations Center (CMOC)

See also all the other handbooks using the menu item, Handbooks (37).  For broad brush overview of the value of this web site in terms of the 750 pioneers that have contributed, use Historic Contributions (226).  Finally, the menu for References (238) and its many subdivisions.  Stabilization & Reconstruction is another useful term.  The domestic term is Emergency Preparedness.

This web site focuses on public intelligence in the public interest, and has a major focus to that end on Multinational Engagement and specifically multinational multifunctional information sharing and sense-making, all extraordinarily relevant to civil-military operations abroad and emergency responses at home.

Pending the creation of UN, UNASUR, and African Union open source multinational engagement networks, the most interesting developments are in relation to the UN's Joint Military Analysis Center (JMAC)  and its counterpart Joint Operations Center (JOC).

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