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Looking for Anomalies in All the Wrong Places

General comment: Department of State is not ready for prime time in the Quadrennial Review arena, but at least they have wisely stepped into the ring.  Peace is not rocket science–it simply requires an absolute unyielding commitment to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  It also requires a holistic strategic analytic model that places concurrent emphasis on eradicating all ten high level threats to humanity by using analytic support to harmonize how all stakeholders spend their money across the twelve core policies.  Finally, despite the messes we've bad around the world, there appears to be a cvery constructive cross-fertilization between a handful of Agency for International Development (AID) thinkers, and U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps thinkers–there is a gleam in the eye such that one day we might handle Haiti properly, with a sequence of events that starts with Peace Jumpers at event plus six, then rolls into carpet-bombing the place combined with C-130 touch and go delvieries of food and water, and with peace as our calling card, a minimalist security follow-on where information, logistics, and attention to bottom-up needs fulfillment establish and keep the peace.  Regardless of whether or not our elective invasions have been called for, the raw fact is that if we do not plan for the peace to follow, no amount of military force is going to be successful.

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