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Graphic: Four Quadrants J-2 High Cell SMS Low

Graphic: The Four Quadrants of Knowledge

Who’s Who in Collective Intelligence: Nova Spivak

Graphic: OSINT and Full-Spectrum HUMINT (Updated)

Search: management connect the dots

Worth a Look: Real-Time Intelligence (RTI)

Review: The Practice of Peace

Review: The Design of Business–Why Design Thinking is the Next Competitive Advantage

Review: Data Model Patterns–A Metadata Map

Review: The Hidden Power of Social Networks–Understanding How Work Really Gets Done in Organizations

Education and knowledge are different searches, but use the Journal and Reviews menu to browse.  Phi Beta Iota is committed to the declassification of virtually all intelligence (decision-support); to a convergence of the education, intelligence, and research budgets under one national leader in those nations that wish to be Smart Nations; and to an end to corruption including lies to the public and a failure on the part of politicians, appointees, and civil servants to act in the best interest of the public at all times.  “Going along” and not making a fuss when the ship is sicking will simply not do.

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