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A most interesting search that yielded nothing on the first page. The extra “i” in definition did not help.  Here is the human-in-the-loop response.

Human Definition

What we have come to realize in our mature years is that any cult, state, network, organization, or other form of human organization that excludes any other humans from being regarded as humans, is a genocidal betrayal of the core definition of humanity as homo sapiens.  “Sapiens,” Latin for wise or knowing, makes the seeking of truth–of understanding–a core element of being human, with the humanities being a form of third generation evolved truth after war-fighting and the sciences.  Mankind's greatest error in the past several centuries has been its retention of tribes as exclusive networks rather than its proper evolution into a restoration of the extended family concept.  Religions–the Catholic religion as much as any–have been a brutal ignorant means of separating humanity and defining those who do not conform (or speak the conquering force's language) as barbarians.  Operationally, most governments, corporations, and organizations have failed to fully integrate and exploit (as well as nurture) the totality of their human assets.    A side show has been the arrogant assumption that humans own the Earth.  In fact, the Earth is resilient, and the human species is just another species unless and until it achieves conscious evolution, humanity ascending.  (See the new book).

Truth Definition

Truth is a cultural concept in so far as political-legal, socio-economic, or ideo-cultural constructs are permitted to temper the truth with constructs that are human in origin rather than deeply rooted in external reality. There is no such thing as a secular truth, or a religious truth, in isolation.  Sciences, Humanities, and Faith (including intuition) must come together.  In relation to reality, however, truth is a constant and in our view truth must have standing in all forums.  The truth at any cost lowers all other costs.  Anything less is a lie.   (See the new book).

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