Worth a Look: Historical Items Posted Today


Defense Intelligence

1990  Reference: Defense Intelligence in the 1990’s Guidance (1990)

1990  Reference: USMC Draft Defense Intelligence Fixes (1990)

1991  Reference: USMC Proposed Alternative National Intelligence Topics (NIT) (1991)

1991 Reference: USMC Utilizing the Counter-Narcotics Center Experience as a Basis for General Intelligence Restructuring Initiatives (1991)

Andrew Shepard

1995  Reference: Error Management in US Intelligence (1995)

1995  Reference: Keeping a Watchful Eye on Incoming Information, at Less Cost (1995)

1995  Reference: Meeting the Immediate Needs of Intelligence Consumers (1995)

Michael Leavitt

1991  Reference: The Analyst and Technology–2000 Essay (1991)

Robert Steele

1986  Artificial Intelligence and Complex Organizations

2007  Reference: Memorandum for the DNI on Collective Intelligence (2007)

World Brain Working Group

1994  Reference: World Brain/World Mind (1994)


1994 Graphic: Original Banzai by Col Walt Breede III, USMC

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