Question: Dirty Tricks Against Phi Beta Iota?

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Recipient Redacted,

I asked our OSINT department to download an item from the Public Intelligence Blog. They told me that they cannnot enter the blog and get a popup screen from Microsoft: This website has been reported to Microsoft for containing threats to your computer that might reveal personal or financial information.

Did you get complaints from others? Are you subjected to dirty tricks as a result of your critique on US intel service?

Sender Redacted

Phi Beta Iota: We doubt that there is any threat from this site, which is a standard WordPress blog.  We have tried to replicate the warning via both Yahoo and Google and cannot find any warning at all.   Our first guess is excessive caution on the part of the searching organization; our second is a mirror site unique to The Netherlands seeking to use our content to go phishing; and our last is malicious action by silly little people with no ethics.
Update: Comments posted to the site contained malicious URLs, triggering security measures by search engines crawling malicious pages. As a result, comments have been disabled indefinitely.

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