Shadowserver Foundation

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The Shadowserver Foundation has been added to our righteous sites section of this site. From their website: The Shadowserver Foundation is an all volunteer watchdog group of security professionals that gather, track, and report on malware, botnet activity, and electronic fraud. It is the mission of the Shadowserver Foundation to improve the security of the Internet by raising awareness of the presence of compromised servers, malicious attackers, and the spread of malware.

The Shadowserver Foundation is responsible for:

  • Capturing and receiving malicious software, or information related to compromised devices
  • Disassembling, sandboxing, and analyzing viruses and trojans
  • Monitoring and reporting on malicious attackers
  • Tracking and reporting on botnet activities
  • Disseminating cyber threat information
  • Coordinating incident response

+ FireEye Malware Intelligence Lab
+ Researcher ‘Fingerprints' The Bad Guys Behind The Malware (June 22, 2010)

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