April Post Re-Cap


The following headlines and links are extracted from the Earth Intelligence Network Twitter feed while this site was down in April:

» FOIA document on counterfeit $100 note connection to North Korea http://is.gd/bRq31 + US dept of Treasury & ‘federal' Reserve reveal new $100 bill design to combat counterfeiting (newmoney.gov) http://is.gd/bDDvQ

» New global CrisisWatch report for May updating the most significant situations of conflict or potential conflict http://is.gd/bQkg9

» Conflict Risk Alert: Thailand http://is.gd/bPqr0

» Draft of Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and preliminary analysis http://is.gd/bOWhX

» Video (47 min) on Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRIC) summit showing “agents of change” powers uniting & conflicting http://is.gd/bNhiA

» Video sequence of mosquito killed by laser http://is.gd/bN8xb

» Sudan report co-authored by 9 organizations “Clear Benchmarks for Sudan.” http://is.gd/bN6Te

» The Afghanistan Analyst : An Online Resource for Researching Afghanistan http://is.gd/bMdkc

» How to Write About Afghanistan. Inspired by “29 Tips for Bad Writing on Afghanistan” & “How to Write about Africa” http://is.gd/bMd9A

» Corruption & cowardice in the “moral economy” (stolen foreign aid/distribution challenge/Afghaniscam) http://is.gd/bMckp

» Genocide Watch Country News Monitors (from Africa, Burma, Uzbekistan) http://is.gd/bMbT0

» Example of foreign “aid” (USAID) in the Congo for “health” lacking reality-based strategies (from an African perspective) http://is.gd/bMa8e

» International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science & Technology for Development (report: World Bank, UN, & GEF) http://is.gd/bM7Ww

» “Community-driven” rainwater harvesting system & mobile health clinics (future concern:patient info-security) http://is.gd/bM6og

» Mobile information-sharing in poor & unconnected areas. Similar to our idea for “education one cell call at a time.” http://is.gd/bM5NY

» List of countries with the most unsolved murders of journalists http://is.gd/bLZ1O

» Freedom in the World 2010: survey of global political rights & civil liberties (4th year in row global freedom declined) http://is.gd/bKmVE

» New book related to malaria: authors claim DDT is the only effective weapon against the deadly mosquito-borne parasite http://is.gd/bKieX

» Dirt: The Movie (preserving fertile soil and seeds) http://is.gd/bKe39

» Cult of Cyberwar: McAfee surpasses North Korea as cyberattack power (dick destiny) http://is.gd/bKacT

» DIA's Haiti Health Intelligence Report (from open sources) from January 2010 (cryptome.org) http://is.gd/bK8wL

» Global Peace Index 2009 (map & list) http://is.gd/bJg9l

» Water pollution expert says UN/WorldHealthOrg sanitation claims are false (“I'm asking them which planet they are on”) http://is.gd/bJfzY

» Rethinking disease: Strengthen the overall health systems in poor countries http://is.gd/bJdGF

» New York Federal Reserve Bank Gold Vault overview, photos and original blueprints http://is.gd/bHMHI

» Afghanistan Wartime Architecture Series April 2010 http://is.gd/bHMjE

» Bad Science Opened Door for Malaria (recent article) http://is.gd/bHBhw

» Document: “DDT: Rise & Fall of a Miracle” http://is.gd/bHA7N

» Video: Controversy of banning DDT despite its effectiveness preventing death + cheaper than bednets & treatments http://is.gd/bHxmC

» Relief Web latest updates from around the world (humanitarian issues) http://is.gd/bHiO7

» U.S. Releases Six-Year Strategy to Combat Malaria Globally http://is.gd/bFpfZ

» Documentary: CASINO JACK (Jack Abramoff) and the United States of Money http://is.gd/bFmS2

» Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics http://is.gd/bFnho

» A major mutation in Indonesian jihadi ranks http://is.gd/bAQDO

» Richard Clarke on why the U.S. is dangerously ill prepared to defend “us” from a cyberwar http://is.gd/bEdd9

» Yushu China Earthquake Photos http://is.gd/bwcVE

» Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers by countries in alphabetical order http://is.gd/bwcR6

» New links added to 40 page table of online global water resources (water.re-configure.org) http://is.gd/buXbR

» China's young workers meet Microsoft (“Young, Exhausted & Disposable: Teenagers Producing for Microsoft”) http://is.gd/buxub

» World's Top 5 arms exporters http://is.gd/buoyU

» You & Me: “intelligence service of the people” http://is.gd/bsKmu

» A new report (pdf) from the DNI Open Source Center profiles Turkey's subversive “Ergenekon” movement. http://is.gd/bsKdO

» (report) “..scientists are suspicious of the FBI and feel that they do not work well with the scientific community.” http://is.gd/bsK9K

» Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) articles from IEEE Spectrum. A useful & intrusive technology. http://is.gd/bspUJ

» Revisiting “The Real Axis of Evil” by Mark Palmer (removing the world's dictators through diplomacy) http://is.gd/brh9B

» Thailand: government in conflict, opposition in conflict, military in conflict, and their silent king http://is.gd/bqprz

» Thailand Police Protest Photos http://is.gd/boNVm

» Water.org Flickr photo page with Haiti photos and others from around the world http://is.gd/bm2Ki

» Crisis Group Podcasts http://is.gd/blXm1

» Kyrgyzistan Police Protest Photos http://is.gd/bkjKA

» “Lawful Spying Guides” for Twitter, Lexis-Nexis & More at Cryptome.org http://is.gd/bg7td

» In Detroit: No Money, & Tens of Thousands Without Water (circle of blue) http://is.gd/bDCXI» Bio & Timeline of Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi whose been detained for over 14 years by Burma's militant gov http://is.gd/bAPv4

» World Community Grid Rice Project Completed http://is.gd/bALvQ

» Doubt on the Wikileaks front. When will there be a leak network instead one or two web domains? http://is.gd/bA0DY

» (10 min video) The ideology of genocide surving in the Congo despite UN's biggest peace-keeping force http://is.gd/bzqb3

» GE electric=paid zero taxes + $1.1 Billion in tax benefits…and other fortune500 company tax profiles mentioned. http://is.gd/bzoSd

» There seems to be zero YouTube videos of Fritz Kraemer (Pentagon influence for 25yrs). C-SPAN does: (skip to 29 min mark) http://is.gd/bziIr

» pdf of a map of the structure of the US Department of State with links for each branch within the department http://is.gd/bzfPP

» Ideology of Fritz Kraemer at the Heart of Wartime Policy from Vietnam to the Present http://is.gd/bzf98

» Companies trying to stop employee leaks on Facebook & Twitter http://is.gd/bzdNN

» Nightwatch newsletter archive and subscription server has moved here http://is.gd/bxEK6

» Cargoing cocaine radicals in the Sahara http://is.gd/bxDF0

» (video) The Katrina Myth; the Truth about a thoroughly unnatural disaster http://is.gd/bxCoU

» Where did your tax dollars go in 2009? $1=26.5cents/military, 20.1c/health, 13.6c/debt, 3.5c/vets, 2c/edu http://is.gd/bx4mA» Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go? http://is.gd/bx47L

» National Priorities Project 25th anniversary video http://is.gd/bx3V3

» UN report blames Pakistan's security for failing to stop the assassination of former PM Bhutto http://is.gd/bwdw7

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