Wild Ride Through Recent History Covered and Uncovered with John DeCamp (video interview)

07 Other Atrocities, History, Secrecy & Politics of Secrecy

Video interview in 5 parts shows Vietnam vet, former Nebraska senator, and lawyer John DeCamp speaking about his meeting with cardinal Ratzinger (current pope), DeCamps involvement in the Omaha Nebraska Franklin Coverup Scandal (pedophilia & drugs connected all the way to the Whitehouse), the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Columbine High School Shootings (and the destroying of evidence), debate with Michael Aquino (retired Lt. Col. in the US Army & founder of the Temple of Set), electronic voting, Henry Kissinger's confirmation of Watergate's “deep throat,” and the death of his commander in Vietnam and friend William Colby.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

+ Video of Michael Aquino on Oprah
+ Documentary about the Nebraska Franklin scandal scheduled to be aired on Discovery in 1994 ordered to be destroyed. A poor quality copy was salvaged
+ Book: The Franklin Cover-Up by John DeCamp (may be the most shocking book you will ever read)
+ Franklincase.org (background info and interviews on the case)

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