Phi Beta Iota Twitter Feed Widget Code to Copy/Paste to Existing Websites


Copy & paste the code below if you have a website where you want to display a feed from this Public Intelligence Blog + other links posted to our Twitter feed that we are unable to post to this blog due to time constraints.


Copy/Paste the code below:

<script src=””></script>
new TWTR.Widget({
version: 2,
type: ‘profile',
rpp: 30,
interval: 6000,
width: 250,
height: 300,
theme: {
shell: {
background: ‘#00179c',
color: ‘#ffffff'
tweets: {
background: ‘#ffffff',
color: ‘#000000',
links: ‘#1c36fc'
features: {
scrollbar: true,
loop: false,
live: false,
hashtags: true,
timestamp: false,
avatars: false,
behavior: ‘all'

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