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This is an excellent analysis of why our leadership's hair is on fire and will remain on fire in Versailles and Bagram.  CS

When Rolling Stone Calls the Shots, It’s Time to Negotiate

By Fred Branfman, Truthdig, 30 Jun 2010

It is amazing how little commentary there has been on the key issue raised by the McChrystal Affair: Should U.S. war policy be made by Rolling Stone? The very fact that it took a magazine article for President Barack Obama to remove Gen. Stanley McChrystal provides the strongest possible reason for allowing Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Pakistan to negotiate a settlement with the Taliban.

One point must be understood above all: McChrystal was not fired because he disrespected civilian authority, despised his administration colleagues and was running a dysfunctional operation. He was ousted because he allowed the public to find out—the one unforgivable sin for a U.S. executive branch long accustomed to operating its wars with little public or congressional knowledge or accountability, behind a PR curtain maintaining the myth that U.S. foreign and military policy is conducted democratically.

If the Rolling Stone piece had not appeared, McChrystal would still be running the war in Afghanistan, still ignoring e-mail messages from Richard “Wounded Beast” Holbrooke, still feeling betrayed by Karl “Traitor” Eikenberry, still blowing off Joe “Bite Me” Biden and James “Clown” Jones, and still disparaging Barack “Disengaged” Obama.


Phi  Beta Iota: Since 1988 the official US Government position on “the truth” and those that speak “the truth” has been to label both the truth and those that speak the truth “lunatic.”  It is high time the public took its Republic back, to include a demand for Electoral Reform in time for 2010 and 2010; the wholesale firing of BOTH Democratic AND Republican Members of the Senate and of Congress, and the creation of a Sunshine Cabinet led by Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, and Jackie Salit, with strategy support and intelligence support from across America, harnessing the distributed minds of our great Republic in being (simply being held prisoner in Washington, D.C. and New York City).

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