Journal: Pentagon’s Lost (and Last) War

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Afghanistan: The Pentagon’s Lost War

By William Pfaff,, 27 July 2010

While it is unquestionable that Barack Obama made the war in Afghanistan “his” war, it also is true that it was served to him on a platter and with a gun pressed against his back.

It was in fact the Pentagon’s chosen war. Had he refused to fight it, Pentagon insider stories, the opposition press and the Republican Party would have attacked him and his new administration for demonstrating incompetence in dealing with world affairs, naive and pacifist inclinations, and a willingness to “surrender” to terrorism.


Phi Beta Iota:  There is an information-intelligence race going on, between the “establishment” that thrives on information asymmetries, and the collective intelligence of the public, that is very very rapidly learning how to share information and make sense about all manner of topics.  We’re betting on the public.

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