Journal: Shoot the Messenger–Not the Originators


Bring It On...Yes We Can...

Phi Beta Iota: With the utmost respect for both the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (C/JCS) and the Secretary of Defense (SecDef), their “outrage” is nonsense–nothing more than political theater.  On BBC, the moderately intelligent evening news, this is right up there with the French mom who murdered eight babies.

1.  The Taliban knows all its needs to know about our tactics and procedures because we have been running through our training for the last decade, not knowing how to distinguish them.  Does anyone really think they are going to waste reading 90,000 pages that are 99% noise?

2.  Anyone who puts a “source” name into a message is either criminally negligent if an intelligence professional, or insanely naive if a diplomat or defense attache or military tactical commander.  The fact that names and addresses are bandied about in any message anywhere is a stake in the heart of the chain of command in Afghanistan, and reminds us of the negligence surrounding Abu Ghraib.

3.  Afghanistan is a side show for some, a loot-fest for others, and mission impossible for all the rest.  Like Iraq, American troops were sent there on a foundation of lies by the Bush-Cheney Administration that the Obama-Biden Administration has been happy to continue because “the establishment” (as opposed to the public) wants to be there using up every borrowed and printed dollar they can.

4.  Between the Wall Street bail-out and the three-four trillion dollar elective global war, we have broken the national treasury (which was officially bankrupt in 2006 to begin with).  Anything that helps get foreign troops out of Afghanistan and national policymakers focused on domestic challenges, is good.

Transparency.  That’s what our secret government needs.  Bring it on!  Yes We Can!

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