NIGHTWATCH Extract: Consulate Closed, Window Opens


Mexico: For the record. The United States closed its consulate in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez on Thursday pending a security review, according to The Associated Press. The US Embassy announced the consulate will “remain closed until the security review is completed.”

Three additional paragraphs from this item deleted, can be seen at link below.


Phi Beta Iota: First off, the threat to US citizens and UN employees is seriously over-stated by regional and organizational security officers who do not know how to do the “craft” of intelligence, and in some cases, who get greedy and hype the threat for political as well as personal motives–in one instance, we have seen a LOW threat hyped all the way to CRITICAL because the high-school graduate who had reached his maximum level of incompetence wanted more people, guns, and armoured cars, ultimately consuming 37% of the international people and budget and 66% of the total manpower (inclusive of local security) of an organization that was supposed to be in the “back office” doing capability building.  Out of control security (and out of control staffing that should have blocked the imbalance) cost that organization a third of its possible productive potential within the donor countries' generous budget allocation.

Secondly, Central America in particular (our definition runs from the southern border of Arizona to Cali, Colombia), is suffering from a vicious cycle in which the oligarchs invest in private security and pay extortion rather than pay taxes.  A study needs to be done.  We believe it will demonstrate to the oligarchs that they are paying three times more than they need to for the same level of security that a properly funded government could provide, at the same time that they are foregoing the social security that their paying of taxes would enable, which in turn would empower the poor to create infinite wealth of their own–redistribution of wealth is neither sufficient nor appropriate.  A regional Open Space Technology conference that includes the cartel leaders could have a revolutionary outcome.

The time has come for regional multinational information-sharing and sense-making centers that address all ten high-level threats to humanity (transnational crime is tenth out of ten) by harmonizing both information-intelligence and how money is spent by ALL eight tribes of intelligence across the twelve core policy areas including security.

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