SECRECY NEWS: Over-Classification & Whistleblowers



Can the national security classification system be fixed before it breaks down altogether in a frenzy of uncontrolled leaks, renewed barriers against information dissemination, and a growing loss of confidence in the integrity of the system?


One of the most compelling reasons for doing so is to expose perceived wrongdoing.

See, relatedly, “Whistleblowers have nowhere to turn to challenge retaliatory suspensions” by Mike McGraw, the Kansas City Star, July 24.

Phi Beta Iota: Deja vu….from 1993 and of course ON INTELLIGENCE in 2000.  Jim Clapper is just buying time.  He will never fix this system.  Until there is a DNI that can create an Open Source Center that provides decision support for the President–AND Everyone Else, while serving as a benchmark for evaluating both the necessity of classified sources & methods and the return on investment for same, the “system” will stay in grid-lock and whistle-blowers will continue to be pariahs.  In a time of insanity and injustice, the place for an honest sane man is outside the US Government and most particularly outside the US “secret” intelligence community.   See Also:  1993 TESTIMONY on National Security Information and Reference: 1996 Hill Testimony on Secrecy.

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