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OSINT Conference veterans will remember 1997 Pinchot (US) Beyond Bureaucracy: The Rise of the Intelligence Organization.  The book, still relevant, is End of Bureaucracy and the Rise of the Intelligent Organization.

Holacracy is new to us, and for that we thank the searcher.  While we are skeptical of any single solution, and have spent the last decade engaging with the co-intelligence, open space, and collective intelligence networks,  this is certainly worth a look, and is credited to Brian J. Robertson.   Here are a few links to bring this concept into Phi Beta Iota.

Holacracy Home Page

Introducing Holacracy

Holacracy: A Complete System for Agile Organizational Governance and Steering (PDF)

On balance we'll stick with Tom Atlee, Jim Rough, Harrison Owen, and Peggy Holman, among others.  Once you get co-evolution and open space right, the specific organization does not matter and neither do the administrators ostensibly in charge at the top.  Epoch B is here, they just have not gotten the memo.

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