Event: 26-27 Sep 10 Paris, Open Source Software


Major Open Source Business Intelligence Vendors Come Together for a One of a Kind Panel at the Paris Open Source Think Tank

The Olliance Group today announced that the 3rd Annual Open Source Think Tank co-hosted by Olliance Group and DLA Piper, is hosting a panel discussion that brings together the three major open source Business Intelligence (BI) vendors; Actuate (NASDAQ:ACTU), Jaspersoft and Pentaho for the first time. The Paris Open Source Think Tank will be held on September 27th and 28th at the Golden Tulip Champs-Elysées Hotel, Paris, France.

“Open source is now an absolutely essential element of the computing environment, but there are challenges to be addressed: business models, intellectual property rights, the impact of the Cloud and more. I am looking forward to hearing how these experts plan on tackling them”


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Tip of the Hat to Mario Profaca, Cyber-Journalist

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