Event: 24-26 September 2010 in Louiseville, Kentucky Coffee Party First Convention and Constitutional Convention moderated by Lawrence Lessig

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Meet us in Louisville for the Great American Democracy Meetup and Coffee Party National Convention! We want to reset the national dialogue so that we can address the challenges that we face as fellow Americans instead of partisans in a spectator sport. We want to find ways of restoring American democracy so that we work towards a government by the People, of the People, for the People.

Featured Events:

Mock Constitutional Convention chaired by Lawrence Lessig, Founder of Change Congress & Professor at Harvard Law School and Mark McKinnon, communication strategist for John McCain and George W. Bush. This is a critical response to the “Citizens United” Supreme Court Decision, and other present-day constitutional issues. You can submit and discuss amendments here: http://convention.ideascale.com/

“Across the Political Divide: A Transpartisan Dialogue” a round table moderated by Joseph McCormick

“What can we do for our country?” a round table moderated by Linda Killian

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This weekend, September 24-26, hundreds of people from across the country –
including AmericaSpeaks' own President & Founder Carolyn Lukensmeyer – will
gather in Louisville, Kentucky to call for a new era of civic participation
in America at the first Coffee Party National Convention.

The Coffee Party's mission is to foster responsible citizenship – based on
civic duty, patriotism, and respect for our democratic system of government
– and promote a civil, fact-based political discourse. The Coffee Party is
working to separate reality from rhetoric, and is calling on citizens to
make judgments and decisions for themselves. Read more about the Coffee

Carolyn Lukensmeyer, Josh Gordon of Concord Coalition, and Heather McGhee of
Demos will present a panel on the Federal Deficit & Federal Budget, being
called “Three Ways of Looking at the Elephant in the Room”. Carolyn will
also act as the moderator for this panel.

Other featured events of the convention include:

Mock Constitutional Convention chaired by Lawrence Lessig, Founder of Fix
Congress First & Professor at Harvard Law School and Mark McKinnon,
communication strategist for John McCain and George W. Bush.

Across the Political Divide: A Trans-partisan Dialogue a round table
moderated by Joseph McCormick.

Coffee Party Music Jam a night of live music featuring Jonny 5 of Flobots,
and new songs by outstanding musicians – The Dalliance, Andres Useche, Toni
Melton, Robyn Mackenzie, Boss-B – inspired by the Coffee Party movement.

Highlights of the weekend include:

1. Training (Dialogue facilitation, conflict resolution, messaging,
leadership, organizing and growing chapters, applying Coffee Party
methodology to political action, voter engagement, best practices from local
chapters, best practices from other organizations)

2. Issues (Campaign finance reform; job creation; net neutrality;
alternative energy; Citizens United; ending hyper partisanship; impact of
the Gulf Oil Spill; local and green economies; anger, cynicism and the
electoral process; rise of independent voters)

3. Searching for Solutions (Gross Happiness Index, Creating Local Credit
Unions, Fair Elections Now Act, Citizen Oversight, Citizen Journalism)

4. General assembly on Sunday to World Cafe discussions and a straw poll
vote about next steps for the Coffee Party.

The Coffee Party has offered a 25% discount off registration fees to people
in our network. To take advantage of this, use this promotion code on the
registration site : “collaborate”.

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