EVENTS: The Week Ahead


Event: 27 Sep Brookings, Lunch with MajGen Robert Scales, USA (Ret), PhD

Event: 29 Sep Afternoon AFCEA Auditorium NVa Nightwatch Concepts of Analysis

Event: 1 Oct DC Why Design Now (Free)

Event: 1-2 Oct 2010, NYC, Open Video Conference

Phi Beta Iota: We are a huge fan of NIGHTWATCH and recommend that those who can, take time off and pay out of pocket (should be a deductible educational expense, keep the receipt).  The Why Design Now event is a mind-tickler.  Our view is that 21st Century intelligence is about harmonizing views (we ignore), costs (we do not comprehend), and alternatives (we do not visualize), so as to create a prosperous world at peace.  21st Century intelligence is about design.

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