Journal: 20th Century Clunkers vs 21st Century Slims

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Steve Denning

Visualizing the difference between 20th and 21st Century management

I wrote last month about the biggest difference between 20th and 21st Century management. I said there that management in the 20th Century was about achieving a finite goal: delivering goods and services, to make money. Management in the 21st Century by contrast is about the infinite goal of delighting customers; the firm makes money, yes, but as a consequence of the delight that it creates for customers, not as the goal.

That’s a fairly abstract account of the difference.  What does it mean in practice?  Let’s bring that down to earth with a visual embodiment of it.

Network On Call Not In Hand

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Phi Beta Iota: It's not just about functionality and ease of use–it is about what the handheld allows you to access, leverage, exploit, share, and made sense of.  The handheld is a key, nothing more.  That is why smart phones are history.  It is the collective intelligence of all humans that is smart, first one with a dumb device and a full range of M4IS2 services in the cloud wins.  Google is math hashing digital garbage–we are not betting on them.

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