Journal: Huffington Post Hot on Trail of Spy Money Allegedly Paid to Wikileaks

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29 September 2010

The Huffington Post Spying Game

Cryptome was interviewed by telephone today by Keith Thomson, a reporter for The Huffington Post. After a bit of palaver Keith said a confidential source claimed a Chinese spy agency had given Wikileaks $20 million. What did Cryptome think about that?

We said that kind of money is usually given by spy agencies to publications like The Huffington Post rather than an offbeat like Wikileaks. Could be, though: according to reports Wikileaks has joined with major publications to provide the kind of information for which spies would pay $20 million.

Read full note, additional speculation, and see emails online.

Phi Beta Iota: We seriously doubt the Chinese are giving money to Wikileaks.  They are good enough to have penetrated it without permission, and realistically, there just is not much there.

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