Journal: Solar Panel Molecules

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Jon Lebkowsky

Self organizing solar panels

by jonl on September 18, 2010“Scientists at MIT have discovered molecules that spontaneously assemble themselves into a pattern that can turn light into electricity — essentially a self-creating solar panel. In a petri dish.” [Link]

I was wondering if this discovery has a practical application. A commenter has the same question, someone else answers:

The implication of the addition of an ‘additive’ to disassemble into a liquid ‘soup’ is that the stuff can be sprayed/painted onto a surface. It also means that it can be mixed with polymers and woven into materials etc.

Paint or spray your house/car/boat/aircraft with it, and decide you want a different colour? No problem, spray the additive/solvent and it comes off.

(Thanks to Audrey Thompson for the pointer.)

Phi Beta Iota: This takes biomimicry to a very high level.  Consider that Nokia now has cell phones that do not need the electrical grid–they repower from ambient energy.  Consider that foot (walking) power can now go easily into a battery on the belt from which various peripherals including a cell phone can be powered.  What is finally happening, in the nick of time, is the discovered of whole systems engineering.  There is no need to hack the planet, the planet was perfect before we got here–we are finally hacking humanity and evolving our consciousness in a better direction.

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