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Steve Denning

How not to get the best from your people: doing things to people vs doing things with people

I’m normally an optimistic kind of guy. Each month when I receive Harvard Business Review, I open it up thinking that maybe, just maybe, there’s been a change of heart. Maybe they have moved on from 1965. Not much to ask, after all. I become even more optimistic when I read the headline like this month, “Get the Best From Your People”. This, I think, is certainly timely, given the studies that show that only one in five people are fully engaged in their work.

But then I go to the article to which the headline refers. As I read it, I have a growing feeling of horror. There has been no change of heart. There is no heart at all. We are right back in the world of manipulating people with numbers. In fact, we are no longer in 1965. We have regressed back to 1911. We are now in the world of Frederick Winslow Taylor.  Read More…

Phi Beta Iota: The dehumanization of the enterprise will be recognized by history to have been one of the most costly failures of leadership and errors of management in all time.  We strongly recommend the author's new book, which can be bought now on Kindle or advance ordered in hard-copy at Amazon.

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