NIGHTWATCH Extract: China, World, Global Military Reach

02 China

China-The World: For the record. China's armed forces are ready to expand communication and cooperation with their counterparts worldwide to promote global peace, a senior officer with the Chinese Defense Ministry said. International military exchanges enhance mutual understanding and peace awareness among all troops across the globe and advance world peace, the officer said.

NIGHTWATCH Comment: The statements and the tone echo the American strategic vision of the post-war era, but with a more modern Chinese update of the US strategic path.


Phi Beta Iota: China is now entering the third phase of its global outreach program.  The first phase, up to the 1980's, was primarily a human endeavor, leveraging all manner of human associations through Friendship, Fishery, and other professional and social alliances.  The second phase, now at full bore, is the construction and resource phase, in which Chinese engineers, donated buildings and equipment, and all that goes with massive rail, road, and port projects are used to capture countries and their resources in a de facto manner–the Chinese are going for tangible capture rather than the now collapsing financial capture of the West.  This new global reach of the military is the third phase, which should be seen as a “tri-maran,” that has cyber-penetration and exploitation and denial on the left, and covert operations including a massive number of illegals in long-term dormancy on the right.

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