NIGHTWATCH Extract: Multinational Intelligence Center in Northern Africa


Sahelian Africa: The intelligence chiefs of Algeria, Mauritania, Niger and Mali will set up a joint intelligence center in Algiers, Algeria's El Watan newspaper reported on 28 September. The center's purpose is to collect information on terrorism in the region and make the data available to the Sahel's military operational center based in Tamanrasset. The Tamanrasset center is composed of senior military field officers, while the Algiers center is made up of intelligence officers.

NIGHTWATCH Comment: The evolution of counter-al Qaida efforts in Sahelian Africa is moving reasonably quickly. The French deserve credit for pooling assets including their own, but the African governments deserve credit as Islamic states for resisting al Qaida. The French might have lessons for others.


Phi Beta Iota: Eventually one region, perhaps Africa, perhaps South America, is going to recognize the regional value of a regional multinational intelligence center that covers all ten high-level threats to humanity and helps harmonize investments–and eradicate corruption and predatory incursions–across all twelve policies.  Not only is everything connected (arms smuggling, human trafficking, blood diamonds, incoming mercenaries), but no one country can get a grip on it all–multinational sharing and sense-making is the ONLY option with total integrity.

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