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Published Sep 4 2010 by Ceasefire Magazine

The End of the World-as-we-know-it in 10 years? And the rise of the post-carbon era…

Only 500 generations ago, hunter-gatherers began cultivating crops and forming their tiny communities into social hierarchies. Around 15 to 20 generations ago, industrial capitalism erupted on a global scale.

In the last generation, the entire human species, along with virtually all other species and indeed the entire planet, have been thrown into a series of crises, which many believe threaten to converge in global catastrophe: global warming spiraling out of control; oil prices fluctuating wildly; food riots breaking out in the South; banks collapsing worldwide; the spectre of terror bombings in major cities; and the promise of ‘endless war’ to fight ‘violent extremists’ at home and abroad.

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We are running out of time.

Phi Beta Iota: The entire article is a distillation of the author’s new book, now at Amazon UK and soon at Amazon US.  The article ends with a sensible coherent list of “must do’s” that should be–but are not–understood by one and all.

Dr. Ahmed is interviewed on the BBC World News here.

Original article available here

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