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Spelling matters, but in this case, the human in the loop is glad to have a chance to highlight the below reference, which is available for all countries in the world on a case by case basis.

Review: Terrain Analysis of Afghanistan

East View Cartographic; East View Arabia, China, Russia Access All is the only stop we make when we need cartographic or terrain products. They are the ones who noticed and then pointed out to the USG that the Russians had mapped all the tunnels but put the text on the reverse side of their combat charts–no one spoke Russian at NGA.  We once got an entire border region from them, both sides, 1:50,000, not available from the NGA within a couple of days.  They are also the organization that made it possible for the UN Eastern Force Commander to finally get the Dutch to create $3 million in 1:50,000 charts as shown in the below link.

Graphic: CD (Congo) 1:50,000 Combat Chart Shortfalls

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