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We really appreciate searches as pointers, especially so now that we have had to turn off comments to avoid hijacking by Russian spammers.  This is an inspiring search, here are a few links it led us to.

Wikipedia on Quantum Information (see excellent table of links)
QIP 2010 – 13th Workshop on Quantum Information Processing (slides, other outputs)
Calendar of Quantum Meetings (including one in Iran on Quantum Information)
Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Information & Quantum Theory 2010 (PDF Book Catalog, 16 pages)

Quantum Information is not the same as Computational Mathematics, where Google is in the forefront.  Both suffer from a lack of attention to sense-making and a general avoidance of attention to the Internet Economy Meta Language (IEML) being developed by Pierre Levy, a Collective Intelligence thought-leader.  While mathematics may be inherently non-lingual, concepts and sense-making demand an appreciation for language that is lacking in mathematics–this is why no one of weight is helping advance the World Brain & Global Game.

Wikipedia on Computational Mathematics
Stephen E. Arnold, The Google Trilogy
Pierre Levy, Internet Economy Meta Language (IEML)
Robert Steele, HUMAN INTELLIGENCE: All Humans, All Minds, All the Time (2010)
Robert Steele, INTELLIGENCE for EARTH: Clarity, Diversity, Integrity, & Sustainability (2010)

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