Virtual President Announces Coalition Cabinet

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Robert David SteeleRobert David Steele

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Posted: September 30, 2010 09:41 AM

Virtual President Announces Coalition Cabinet

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My fellow Americans, I am honored to present to you my thoughts on restructuring and down-sizing the federal government along with a proposed Coalition Cabinet. Many of these names, while stellar, are conventional. I am asking each of you to put forward any suggestions for improving how we govern ourselves. I am strongly inclined to embrace your suggestions by joining your recommended candidates with these candidates to achieve a collective balance at every level of the government, one focused on restoring American the Beautiful.

As I indicated in my first post on 28 September 2010, I believe we must have three Vice-Presidents, one for the Commonwealth who shall be the Principal Vice-President; a second for Education, Intelligence, & Research; and a third for Global Engagement (changed from National Security to break the back of the military-industrial complex and the two ubber Services with no shame).

I am proposing for your public deliberation and consent, some consolidations as shown below–indented organizations are subordinate to, and will be represented on the Cabinet by, the principal organization. I have moved the Department of Commerce to serve under the Vice President for Global Engagement.

Vice President for the Commonwealth: Dennis Kucinich
Agriculture & Water: Jim Hightower
• Water Conservation Authority: William J. Cosgrove (CA)
Health: Howard Dean
• Surgeon General: Steve McIntosh
Interior: Robert Costanza
• Energy: Herman Daly
• Environment: Gordon Durnil
Labor: Jesse Ventura
• Veteran's Affairs: Max Cleland
• No Senior Left Behind: Derek Bok
Transportation & National Design: Joan Claybook
Treasury, Felix Rohatyn
• Internal Revenue: Grover Norquist
• Federal Reserve Termination Authority: Ron Paul

Vice President for Education, Intelligence, and Research: Michael Bloomberg
Chaplain: Jim Wallis
Culture: Jello Biafra
Education: John Taylor Gatto
National Intelligence: Brent Scowcroft
• Open Source Agency: Carol Dumaine
National Research: Vint Cerf
Office of Management and Budget: Joseph Eugene Stiglitz
Patent Office: Lawrence Lessig
Strategy Center: David Abshire
Global Truth & Reconciliation Centre: Lee Kuan Yew (SG), Nelson Mandela (ZA), & Fidel Castro (CU)

Vice President for Global Engagement: Newt Gingrich
Defense: Tony Zinni
Justice: Ralph Nader
• Homeland Security: Rudi Guliani
• Computational Mathematics Authority: Stephen Wolfram (UK)
State: Gary Hart
• Ambassador to Israel: Henry Seigman
• Ambassador to the United Nations: Carol Mosley Braun
Commerce: Clyde Prestowitz
• Trade Representative: Alfred Eckes

Presidential Ambassadors & Assistants to the President (15): Average American (alter ego to the President), Tom Atlee (Collective Intelligence), John Bogle (CEO for Whole Earth Capitalism), Alex Cockburn (Inspector General of the Republic), Barbara Marx Hubbard (Collective Culture of Consciousness), David Gergen (Media Outreach), William Greider (Public Outreach), Peggy Holman (Public Outreach), Cynthia McKinney (Public Outreach), Francis Moore Lappe (Collective Culture of Consciousness), Gary Nolan (Public Outreach), Sarah Palin (Public Outreach), Jim Rough (Wisdom Councils Everywhere), Pete Schoomaker (Put the Special back into Special Forces), Al Sharpton (alter ego to the President).

Supreme Court, 1st Available Position: Ron Paul

Here's my bottom line for our future: We the People are going to restore the Republic, re-instate the Constitution, balance the budget, and create a prosperous world at peace in which every citizen has a job with dignity and a sufficiency of income to raise a family. My first priority, if you do not spontaneously demand this before 2012, will be achieve Electoral Reform and then to create a Smart Nation.

Next Tuesday: Nurturing the Commonwealth

Next Thursday: Creating a Smart Nation

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